Monday 26 September 2011

Borders at the Byzantine Museum

At the Byzantine Museum on Vasilissis Sofias Avenue,

through the arch

and we enter the courtyard, a little haven in the middle of the noise and traffic of Athens, exacerbated this time as there was a public transport strike, coupled with demonstrations in Syntagma

The European Investment Bank's art collection, on show for the first time. A very interesting collection of art from the late 20th century, a lot of abstracts, huge panels of paint and colour beautifully displayed in three large rooms. The most memorable ones: a huge panel by Jannis Kounellis, a mixed media piece by Louise Bourgeois, and the discovery of three new names: Per Kirkeby, Ritta Paivalainen and Jorma Puranen.

We were not allowed to photograph but I do want to have a record of some of the pieces from the collection so I managed to retrieve some from the internet.

Callum Innes, Exposed painting Lamp Back


Joan Pijuan, Limits

Anish Kapoor, Untitled


Maimousa Guerresi, Black Oracles


Ritta Paivalainen, Wind I, Kuopio, Finland

This was matched by an exact  replica, set on an English beach this time, (Wind II, Seascale England),  but I could not find a photograph.

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