Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What might this be?

A smart, private entrance in a busy apartment block

going up the marble stairs,

a quick look at the fun sculpture in the alcove,

the minimal, stylish room,

a closer look at the vast mural on the wall

and the elegant settee

it reminds me of the settee that Zaha Hadid designed

and now a visit to the bathroom

aren't those taps amazing?

Is it a luxury hotel? An exclusive spa?

No, it is the dentist where Ken had his root filling done.


  1. χαχαχαχα!!!! Νόμιζα ότι ήταν σε κάποια έκθεση!!!!!!

  2. Time for us to change dentist I think...

  3. Wot?
    chachachacha!! I thought it was a report !!!!!!

  4. And I paid dearly for the privilege...

  5. Suggests that, as here, dentists earn a lot of money if they work privately...before I moved to the NHS my dentist changed his Porsche every year and had chandeliers and Vogue in the waiting room!