Wednesday 14 September 2011

The George Economou collection - 2

At the Athens Municipal Gallery in Mataxourgeio again, for the second time this year, to see the second part of the George Economou Collection - for first part see this blog, February 24.

George Economou, a shipping magnate, has been building an art collection for the last ten years, buying at the rate of 200 a year and at the last count he had 2,500 works of art. He buys what he likes, they don't have to be masterpieces by universally recognised names. In 2007 he bought the Bridget Riley shown below, one of her largest paintings for 1,640,000 euros, the highest  price ever paid for a work of art in Germany. On the other hand he paid £21,000 for a drawing made by Lucien Freud on a letter to a friend (pictured on 24 Feb in this blog).  Similarly, the Picassos are all drawings, bought so as to show what a brilliant draughtsperson he was.

This second part of the exhibition focuses on Surrealism, the Paris School, Art of the first part of the post-war decade, the 1960's, the Neo-Fauves and portrait-nude-still lives (1890-1961).

Paul Delvaux, The Vestals, 1972

Paul Delvaux, The Visitors of Mycenae, 1959

Eduardo, Naranja, The Ruined Times of Isadora, 1977

William Baziotes, Untitled, 1940

Rene Magritte, The Discovery of Fire, 1959

Albert Reuss, The Blue Shoes, 1948

Man Ray, The Mountain Cristal, 1950

Mikhail, Larionov, Still Life with Pears, 1930

Natalia Gontcharova, Among the Big Trees, 1916

Moise Kisling, In Front of the Window, 1925

Francois Gall, Woman at the Mirror

Leonard Foujita, Milk Seller, 1965

Thanos Tsigkos, Abstract Construction

Andy Warhol, Portrait of Wayne Grentzky, 1983

Maria Lassnig, Remembrance of Buddy Frieberger, 1954

Walter Navratil, Cathedral

Antonio Recalcati, Preface

Bridget Riley, Byzantium, 1969

Anselm Kiefer, For Paul Celan, 1989

Stephen Mackenna, The Falling Woman,  1970-71

Cataldo Crescende, At the Time Circle of Life, 1990-92, (acrylic on plexiglas)

Karl Hofer, Madame at the Table, 1933

Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Martin Fabiani II, 1943

Francois Picabia, Portrait of Pablo Picasso, 1920-25

Hans Boltz, Portrait of  Alfred Flechtheim, 1910-11

Joan Miro, King Ubu, 1966

Henri Laurens, Dialogues, 1951

Alberto Giacometti, Paris sans fin, 1957-62

Max Ackerman, Two Female Nudes Outdoors

Jean Metzinger,  Bather, 1937

Rodolphe-Theophile Bosshard, Naked Woman 

Tamara de Lempicka, Succulent Plant and Flask, 1941

Pictured here, six of the 12 exhibited etchings of David Hockney's illustration of C.P. Cavafy's poems

David Hockney, Cavafy in Alexandria, 1966

David Hockney, In Despair, 1923,  Illustration for the Poems by C.P. Cavafy, 1966

David Hockney, In the Dull Village, 1925, Illustration for the poems of C.P.  Cavafy, 1966

David Hockney, Two Boys, Aged 23 or 24, 1927, Illustration for the poems of C.P. Cavafy, 1966.

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