Friday 23 September 2011

National Museum of Contemporary Art

Three exhibitions at the Museum currently

This is a temporary venue for the Museum  -  it has been temporary for I don't know how long, while the Fix beer factory is being converted and which will eventually house the museum.

I like this space though. It is housed in the Conservatory of Athens, a side entrance with the lobby pictured above, and then you go down two flights of stairs

it is rough, industrial, and I like the feel of it.

It is a cavernous space, and the large paintings of Apostolos Georgiou look right here.

Untitled, Apostolos Georgiou

Within the large space there are also small cosy rooms that contain and enclose the art displayed

We now go upstairs on the ground floor in a small room where Maaria Wirkkala's 'Wondering'  installation is staged. A circular clothes hanger going round, clothes covers with a single word which is illuminated at each stage: actuality, living being, particular, plot, matter, method, principle...

and text.


  1. Athens has so many art galleries.

  2. Yes it does, Athens has a very rich cultural life. I read somewhere the other day that Athens has more theatres than any other city in Europe,I don't know if that meant absolute numbers or per head of population.