Saturday 12 May 2012

Central Park

We visited Central Park three times, and every time the visits were fairly instrumental but extremely pleasurable. The first time we took the subway from where we were staying, got off on 86th Str. and walked through the park to get to the Guggenheim.

The path we took was the running track by the reservoir. It was odd seeing something that I had seen in films so often - The Marathon Man being the one that springs to mind immediately.

as everywhere in New York, there were rules - again, very sensible ones

and here is another one

the view as you walk along

and this is the view when you get to the other side of the park where the Guggenheim is.

After our visit to the Guggenheim we went back to the park. It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day so there were lots of people about, a lot of them playing various games.

these trees were everywhere, and I loved the colour of their blossom

another photograph just because I liked them so much

what is unusual is that the blossom grows on the trunk as well as the branches

and a closer look.

We bought our lunch from a nearby deli (ah! the delis) and sat on one of the benches on the left in the photograph while we had it

and then moved on to The Great Lawn.

Our next stop was the Turtle Pond - you can see the turtles if you look closely

the turtles were everywhere: in the water

on the banks

and here is one carrying its young

and here's that magnificent building again

our next destination was The Lake.

I must have got some grease on the lens, hence the vaseline effect

and finally Strawberry Fields

and some more rules

lots of people around here, wanting to pay homage to John Lennon

it took me a while to take this photograph because there was a queue of people wanting to be photographed lying across the mosaic

we then crossed the road and went to have a look at The Dakota.

The next time we visited Central Park was when we were on our way to the Frick Collection. We took the subway from 42nd Street again but this time we got off at 72nd (by Strawberry Fields) and walked across to the other end of the park.

lots of colour

lots of children

magnificent trees.

Our third visit was on our way to the Museum Mile again, so we took the subway from 42nd,  got off on 59th, at the lowest part of the park and then walked up towards 74th and the Whitney Museum

these granite (I think) rocks are everywhere

We walked around The Pond

and sat down for a while.

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