Monday 7 May 2012

The Empire State Building

I was not very keen to visit the Empire State Building but I am glad I did for two reasons: the fantastic art deco interiors and the incredible views of the city one gets from the top of the building.

350 Fifth Avenue, completed in 1931, 102 storeys tall. Our ears actually popped while we were riding the lift up to the 96th (I think) floor and they popped again on the way down.

the lobby

the mural facing the entrance in more detail

with its restored grand ceiling with its cosmic gold murals

the floor

the marble walls

the lift doors

detail in one of the upper floors, where we waited for the second lift to take us to the top

same room

the lights above the counter in the shop

another light in one of the corridors

looking down to the ground floor.

and now some views of Manhattan from the top, photographs taken by Ken

the skyscrapers of the financial district in the distance

fantastic golden roof

the Chrysler building

same view but with a bit of zoom

these buildings are so tall that some times you never get to see their whole structure

or the roofs

the Bank of America Tower and Bryant Park

the skyscrapers surrounding Bryant Park again

Macy's advertising itself


  1. did you see King Kong...??? xixi

  2. Φοβερή Θέα όμως!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Το Άγαλμα είναι σε νησάκι;;; Δεν το ήξερα...νόμιζα πως ήταν σε κάποιο μόλο

    1. I am afraid we did not manage to see King Kong Tatiana, hihihi!!! When we got to the top it was the film 'Sleepless in Seattle' that I thought of. I don't know if you remember but this is where they decide to meet and almost miss each other.

      As for the views, yes, they are fantastic. Given the way I feel about heights however, I did not go to the edge, but kept in the middle. Ken very kindly agreed to take photographs for me.

      The statue is in the middle of an island, as you can see in the photograph. We also took a ferry to one of the islands, Staten Island and we got quite close to it - there is a photograph in my blog taken from the ferry, it is in one of the 'snapshot' posts, don't remember which one. Ken wanted to go to the statue but then he changed his mind, and as I was not very keen, we did not go.