Wednesday 23 May 2012

My favourite walk

Glorious sunshine at last, and I had to go out in the countryside.


So I park by the allotments and take the path that leads down to the Saxon Mill.


on my right, a rape field

on my left, in the distance, across the river is Guy's Cliff House which burnt down in the 1920s I think - or should I say Thornhill Hall

and a closer look

it is such a glorious day, not a cloud in sight

I have now walked down the hill and I am much closer to the house

now I cross the first bridge

the pond on my left

I can see the second bridge in the distance through the foliage

the second bridge and the Saxon Mill at the end of it

the weir

it is 11.30 so not many people here

in an hour it will be packed

you can see the house from here

and now I take the path up the hill that will take me to the village

you can see the church at the top

almost reached the top

through the churchyard

walk through the fields, a last look at Guy's Cliff House, and back to the allotments.


  1. I'm quite jealous! I've been stuck indoors all week running a training course so haven't been able to take a day off work to enjoy the glorious weather. Still,at least the forecast is good for the weekend!. Should have been the bank holiday this weekend too but they've mucked us about because of the royals. I bet it rains next weekend.

    1. Hi Mick,

      I totally sympathise. The worst times for me were when I was at University and had to revise when everyone else (it seemed) was lying about, enjoying the sunshine. Weather like this, which is so rare in this country, always reminds me of this wonderful Ray Bradbury short story (I can't remember what it is called) which I used to read with my Year 9 students. It is set on a planet where the sun only comes out once every seven years. A little girl is locked in a cupboard by one of her school mates and by the time the teacher realises what is going on and lets her out of the cupboard, the sun has been and gone.... Wonderful story.

      Hope you enjoy the sunshine this weekend. As for the next one, I still have not decided what to do to avoid being aware of all the goings on.

    2. Hi Eirene

      I did manage to enjoy the sunshine this weekend. We spent Saturday afternoon watching a re-enactment of the Battle of Wigan Lane - a civil was battle that took place in my home town and which was, I'm glad to say, won by the Parliamentarians led by Robert Lilburne, the older brother of John, one of the leaders of the Levellers. Perhaps it gave a few people some ideas for next weekend .... but i'm not holding my breath!

      Like you I'm not looking forward to what John Wilby in the Guardian today referred to as "an orgy of deference". An apt descriptio I think.

    3. 'Orgy of deference', very good - I must remember it.

  2. What a gorgeous walk. I'll have to try keeping my eyes open next time