Wednesday 16 May 2012


We did not do any shopping while we were in New York.  I know that there were missed opportunities here, but there is so much to see and do that shopping seemed an irrelevance.  I did buy some jewellery though in the vintage flea markets and some ceramics in a shop called Sara on Madison Avenue: I was so caught up at looking at the marvellous Japanese art works in that shop that I did not remember to take any phbotographs, a fact that I now regret.

We did not even go in many shops, but did some window shopping and here are some of the photographs I took.

Urban Outfitters on 5th Avenue, very near the Manufacturer's Hannover Trust Building. Shattered glass effect as you go in

once you are inside, they have done this clever thing with 50s glass on the ceiling - very effective

the whole shop looked good in an industrial sort of way.

The Sephora shop on 5th Avenue

these are the treatment areas: very clever - you can see what is happening in the shop while you are being pampered

but it is the spectacular window above the door that catches the eye.

The Bergdorff Goodman windows

 were imaginative and carefully thought out

one theme

with lots of variations

mainly monochrome

with some colour to accentuate the off white

in between the large windows were some small ones

displaying accessories, but with the same theme

and equally interesting.

An art gallery near the Tenement Museum on Orchard Street, if I remember rightly

I do not remember the name of the gallery or the artists who were exhibiting

Prada on Madison Avenue

same shop, different window


Madison Avenue again

Keszler Gallery, Madison Avenue

and we go inside


Jerome Lucani, Marilyn Monroe Glamour, 2012

getting closer

and even closer.

I did not take many photographs of the places where we ate, mainly because I did not carry my camera with me in the evenings. Here are a few though:

The Fat Radish, on Orchard Street.

We had a very late lunch here. It must have been 3.30 when we arrived  and there were very few people eating.

We loved the industrial simplicity of the decor

the food was delicious

We came again on a Sunday at a much more reasonable hour and the place was packed - we were lucky to get the last table

the atmosphere was vibrant and the menu was different

as everyone was having brunch

the service was friendly and efficient.

Another excellent place where we had lunch on 57th Street

the Art Nouveau decor was pleasing

huge displays of blossom everywhere

meticulous attention to detail

and the food was excellent.

This is Don Giovanni's on 10th Avenue, cheap and cheerful, with good food and it was always very busy. It was very near our hotel so we ate here three times.

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