Monday 14 October 2013



It stopped raining for about half an hour today, so I went for a walk in the Mill Gardens.

I used to hate the autumn because it always signified going back to school, as a student first, and later as a teacher - the end of the hot, sunny, care-free summer days and nights.  I now love it though, particularly when I go for walks and can see all the changes that come about.

Lots of fallen leaves on the surface of the pond

looking closer.


Our town has four parks that connect with each other, but the Mill Gardens is by far my favourite, mainly because this is the closest you can get to the river and this is a particularly gorgeous stretch.

I love the reflections.

I am also extremely fond of the views of this bridge, as its reflections remind me of Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities.

Despite the heavy rain we've had in the last two days, the water was clear, and the reflections were particularly good.

Every year it feels like I see the berries for the first time

and it's such a joy.


The bridge featured in the first photograph

it's all so beautiful here.

More berries

Mallards by the weir

A last view from the bridge that connects the town with Jephson Gardens.


  1. Διαβάζω το blog και νοστάλγησα την Αγγλία....και το χειμώνα.... και τα πάρκα

    1. It's a wonderful time of year to be going for walks, absolutely fantastic, and of course, the English countryside is so beautiful... you must come again, soon.