Monday 7 October 2013

Gallery Genesis

The middle of September heralds the re-opening of museums and private galleries in Athens. Summer is truly over. We went to Kolonaki a few days ago to have a wander around and see what was exhibited in some of the private galleries of the area.


First stop: Gallery Genesis on Haritos Street. I had got the dates wrong and Eva Karydis' exhibition had not opened yet, but there were a few paintings on display that I liked.

Katerina Petroula


Lennard Bergren

Lennard Bergren

Lennard Bergren

Lennard Bergren

Astypalaia, Kostas Pappas

End of Summer, Kostas Pappas.


  1. I like some of Lennard Bergren's work.
    Just to let you know that I linked to your Blue post from mine on Side trips. It was extraordinary seeing those three Hockney pool lithographs, when I had not seen that image before you posted it!

    1. The Hockney prints is such an amazing coincidence, Olga. Thanks for the link - I picked up the link you made through feedjit which shows some of the links made with in blog, and then saw it in yours. I was going to thank you when I commented on your latest post, which I will do in a minute.

      I am not familiar with Lennard Bergren's work but quite liked the ones in Genesis.