Thursday, 10 October 2013

Municipal Gallery

Athens Municipal Gallery in Metaxourgheio.

An exhibition of some of the works in their permanent collection.  Greek paintings of the middle of the 20th century - paintings that have a strong Greek identity but where the influence of the major art movements of the century are in evidence.

The Model and his Reflection, Perikles Byzantios (1893-1972),  (oil on canvas)

Santorini, Lykourgos Kogevinas, (1897-1940), (oil on canvas)


The Last Rehearsal, Theofrastos Triandafyllidis, (1881-1955), (oil on canvas)

The Old Egg-Seller, Emmanuel Zaires, (1876-1948), (oil on canvas)
The influence of Impressionism is clear, particularly in the background.

Tarantella, Stavros Papapanagiotou, (1895-1955), 1936 (oil on canvas)

After the Rain, Michael Economou, (1888 - 1933) (oil on canvas)

Street in Paris, Gerasimos Vokos (1868 - 1972), oil on canvas)

Santorini, Yannis Mitarakis (1898-1963), oil on canvas

Miss T.K., Yannis Mitarakis (1898-1963) (oil on canvas)

Mother with Child, Celeste Polychroniadi, (1904-1985), (tempera)

Resting Girl, Kostas Iliadis, (1903-1991), (oil on canvas)

Jeannette, Yannis Maltezos, (1915-1987), (oil on canvas)

Castle in Kythera, Ioannis Spyliopoulos (1906-1975), (oil on canvas)

In the Country, Kostas Thettalos, (1909-1992), (oil on canvas)
Manet's influence very clear here.

Imaginary Space, Giorgos Vakalo(poulos), (1902-1991(, (oil on canvas)

Jug, Rea Leontaritou, (1912-1992), (oil on canvas)

Girl at the Window, Aglaia Pappa, (1904-1984), (oil on canvas)

The Artist's Studio, Iphigenia Lagana, (1915-2002), (oil on canvas)

Orphee and Eurydice, Gerassimos Steris (1898-1987), (oil on canvas)

Work, Gerassimos Steris (1898-1987) (oil on canvas)

Road in Agiassos, Spyros Papaloukas (1892-1957), (oil on canvas) 

Landscape of Eressos, Takis Elefteriades, (1911-1987), (oil on canvas). 


  1. Bruegel too in the Thettalos painting?

    1. When I saw the Thettalos painting, I immediately thought of Manet and the painting of modern life, and especially 'Music in the Tuilleries Gardens'. But, you could be right, Avril.

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  3. Thank you so much for your kind words