Saturday 5 October 2013

Walking around the Plaka area

Our penultimate day in Greece was spent in Athens. We started from Syntagma Square and walked through Plaka. First stop was Normanou 5 to visit the metamatic:taf gallery, a new venue for us - post to follow at some point.

We then moved down to Abyssinias Square in Monastiraki to wander around the flea market.

Nothing seems to have changed here - I started coming here to look through the stalls when I was 19

and it's all unchanged:

the stalls,

the merchandise,

the people.

Wonderful, enjoying an almost cult status, Café Abyssinia has not changed since the 1950s


it has the same bohemian feel as it did then, full of china and antiques

it reflects the square it's situated in.

 Looking out.

I like walking around here,

even though the stalls don't interest me anymore.

We then moved on to Adrianou Street, which faces the Acropolis and is full of bars, cafes and restaurants

you also get the best views of the Observatory from here

the whole of Athens seems to descend here on Sundays as it's so lovely sitting here

a restored neo-classical building

Our choice for lunch was Kuzina - a favourite

We sat outside as it was a beautiful day, but I like the clean look of the inside, so here's some pictures


We ate a salad of rocket, other greens that I have not come across before, orange, blueberries, redcurrants with a delicious orange dressing, followed by grilled octopus with spearmint mash - it was so delicious, it felt like it was the best food I had all summer.


Nice detail all around the place

Part of the floor inside

looking closer.

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