Tuesday 11 August 2015

Painting before 1630 - the Maurithuis

The Maurithuis, The Hague - painting before 1630.

Paintings before 1630 are on the first floor of the museum. I have selected a few - the Still Life by Clara Peeters was by far my favourite, it's stunning.

Hans Holbein II, Portrait of Jane Seymour, 1540

Bartholomaus Bruyn, Portrait of Elisabeth Bellinghausen, 1538-39

Hans Holbein II, Portrait of a Woman from Southern Germany, 1520-25
Clara Peeters, Still Life with Cheeses, Almonds and Pretzels, 1615
A pewter plate with crumbly cheeses;  an earthenware plate with curls of butter; figs, almonds and raisins in a blue and white porcelain dish; a Venetian glass; an earthenware jug; pretzels; a knife -  a banquet scene painted with loose brushstrokes, a sign of great technical mastery. The great attention to detail is evidenced by the hole made with a cheese scoop in the large wedge of cheese by the inspector to evaluate the centre of the cheese. The silver bridal knife is decorated with figures representing the virtues of Faith and Moderation and two intertwined hands. Clare Peeters placed her signature on this knife. There is a second signature in the form of the reflection of a woman's face with a white cap (a self-portrait) on the pewter lid of the earthenware jug.
Clare Peeters was one of the rare Flemish 17th century female painters. Probably born in Antwerp, her dates of birth and death vary according to sources. Only her still-lifes are known.

Jan Gossaet, Madonna and Child, 1520

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