Tuesday 25 August 2015

Swimming in Poros

Poros beaches aren't spectacularly good, but we did have some nice swims.

For our first day we went to Kanali.

It's next to the canal that separates the two islands that make up the island of Poros.


Some nice views as we were lying on our loungers, but the water was not that clean. We were told that that's the case there, given its proximity to the canal, and that the best times to swim are very early in the morning or early evening.

The best swim we had was on our second day, when we went to the Russian Bay. It was spectacular due to the backdrop ruin of a 19th century Russian naval base.

When Greece was occupied by the Ottoman Empire Russia secured free shipping for its navy and this bay was one of their bases. When Russian activity declined so did the base and the abandoned buildings were left to decay.

A wonderful backdrop for a day spent swimming.

We had a really good look around before getting down to the serious business of the day.


We had a few excellent, long swims


the beach was not crowded at all

the water was clear and the views were excellent


which included this sweet little island in the middle of the bay, Daskalio,

On our way back to the hotel we stopped on top of the hill to admire the views


and we could get a better view of the small island and the little church that's in the middle of it

A bit further along we came across The White Cat, a taverna jutting out to the sea so we stopped there for a late, very delicious lunch

Our position afforded great views of the back of Poros town

so picturesque


and the gorgeous building of the Hellenic Naval Base.

looking closer

We fed the fish and then headed for our hotel for a well-deserved siesta.

Monastiri was the third beach we visited. No sand here, but we thoroughly enjoyed swimming to a hotel beach three bays further along - our longest swim so far this summer and swimming back was hard and tiring work but very rewarding

Surrounded by pines and olive trees, the Monastery is perched on the hill above the beach 

the paragliding in the photograph provided us with some amusement for a while

The taverna where we stopped for lunch was mediocre to say the least, but this little church was next to it

very cute

we had the chance to see the paragliding again, much closer this time


and by then it was quite late, the sun was very strong and the silver light on the water was enchanting


as we were leaving we had a closer look at the little church

noted the bell on the eucalyptus tree

and popped inside for a quick look.


  1. Ooooh! How delightful the swimming looks. Your photos bring back happy memories.

    1. I love swimming so much Olga, and the Greek beaches are absolutely tops. Poros does not have particularly good beaches, but once you're in the water, it's just bliss.