Saturday 29 August 2015

The Sanctuary of Poseidon, Poros


The Sanctuary of Poseidon in Poros is at the top of the hill. We drove through dense pine woods

until we eventually reached Kalaureia, 200m above sea level.

According to archaeological finds the earliest use of the site goes back to the Early Bronze Age and continued without interruption throughout antiquity. The sanctuary was dedicated to the worship of Poseidon, but there is also evidence of a multi-faceted cult activity including the worship of minor deities and local heroes.

The temple of Poseidon was most likely erected towards the end of the 6th century BC.

All that is preserved today are the foundation trenches and the wall surrounding the structure. It was a temple of the Doric order with six standard columns on the front and twelve on the long sides.

In order to avoid capture by Antipatros of Macedonia, the Athenian orator and statesperson Demosthenes sought refuge in the sanctuary and this is where he committed suicide in 322 BC.

This olive tree is in the photographs of the earliest excavations so it must be at least 150 years old

magnificent gnarled old tree trunk.

The pine trees on the site are of an almost luminous green

looking closer

on the edge of the site this green oasis gave us welcome shelter from the burning sun

and affords great views


that are breathtaking

the ancients really did know how to choose spectacular locations for their temples and sanctuaries

this one reminded me of the temple of Apollo at Delphi, another site that has been built in spectacular countryside.

On the dry, parched ground a lone cyclamen was blooming - out of season, and a triumph against  harsh conditions

lots of these roots? bulbs? on the ground. I do not know what they are.


We made a sudden stop while driving down the hill as we saw this church


it's the church of St Eustathios and one of our party was named Eustathios, or Stathis as we call him

and he wanted to have a look.


Then it was time to take the ferry to the mainland - a five-minute journey.

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