Saturday 8 August 2015

Young Greek Photographers

Young Greek Photographers - Athens Photo Festival,

at the Benaki Museum, Pireos, Athens.
Artists' statements in italics.

Lilly-Vassiliki Zoumpouli:

 Self documentation



Georgia Maragkopoulou:

'...horrific images, unbecoming, paranoid, with the primary component of the dark...'



Athanasios Karatzas:


Aimilia Vroutsou:

'These images aim at redefining the representation of the female body. The unconventional poses question the conventions of the female nude as an object on display in art and everyday life.  No longer portrayed as an object solely for the enjoyment of the observer, the female body is depicted as another element of the natural world'.


Emily Gaki:

'A combination of the genres of self-portrait and still life'.


Iliana Meintani: 
'Self-portraits taken in several places in Greece'.



Antonis Lekkos:

'Carrying memories as an everyday solace but also as a burden...'


Konstantinos Kartelias:

'Unemployed young people and students photographed in their homes'.

Daimon Xanthopoulos:

'In Burkina Faso gold mining is for many families the only way to make a living. Entire communities including children work as gold miners. It's extremely dangerous work as they dig vertical tunnels into the earth up to 100 metres. In  the tunnels and mineshafts they risk death from explosions, rock falls and tunnel collapse. They breathe air filled with dust and sometimes toxic gases.... Above ground, children dig, crush, mill and haul ore - often in the hot sun. Some stand for hours in water, digging sand or silt from riverbeds and then carry bags of mud on their heads or back to sieving and washing sites...'






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