Saturday, 16 December 2017

One Two Three Swing!

We spent the whole day at Tate Modern last Saturday. Three exhibitions in one day is an awful lot, but we gave ourselves plenty of time, had a leisurely lunch in the Members' Room, went for a walk, and wandered around the Tate in between the exhibitions.

We were lucky with the weather and enjoyed our walk on the Embankment. St Paul's looked glorious

the skyline in that area keeps changing - a large number of cranes, testifies to new building going on.

A new carpet at the entrance of the Turbine Hall meant that lots of people lounged about

One Two Three Swing! by the Danish artists' collective Superflex is the new installation in the Turbine Hall 

people seemed to be enjoyed themselves.

We left at 4:30 and the crowds seemed to have doubled in size.

The trees outside the Tate were lit beautifully

The lights were on all over London

the lit-up Tate looked magnificent

and people were sitting outside despite the 4oC temperatures.

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