Thursday 7 December 2017

Walk and Christmas Fair

During our second visit to Blenheim Palace this autumn, we decided to walk around the lake

which is divided by Capability Browne's bridge.

We walked along the avenue that leads to the bridge, and beyond it, to the Column of Victory that dominates the grounds.

The lake on our right

wonderful reflections from the trees on the island in the middle of the lake

Behind us the palace.

We turned right to do the circular walk that would take us back to the palace. Had we turned left we could have explored another part of the grounds, but this is for another visit.

I love this copse which, this time, was enhanced by the presence of the sheep

This group of people were walking back from the Column of Victory

another, almost identical, copse, on our left

we continued on our way

the colours are glorious at this time of year

I was enchanted by this row of seabirds on the pier

We turned right and what delight! A little boy was rolling down the hill, whooping with the sheer joy of it all

We reached the end of the lake - light filtering through the trees

and onto the water

a couple were feeding the ducks and geese

but it was the light on the water that was the star of the show

Uphill now

everything was hazy due to the strong sun

We got our first glimpse of the bridge

but continued up the hill because we knew that the views would be even better shortly

we could now see the palace in the distance

and a good view of the lake and the bridge

zooming in

We had completed our circle and now it was time to go to the Christmas fair. Three marquees had been set up in the palace grounds. Two for various arts and crafts and one for food.

We had the chance to see people at work, as in here

and here.

Boxes made out of wood

rocking horses



wooden bowls

more ceramics

wooden boxes

and more ceramics

In the food tent we were able to sample most of the products on sale

varieties of balsamic vinegar

and lots more.

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