Thursday 14 December 2017

Ryton Pools on a winter's day

It was a cold, cold day when we visited Ryton Pools last week.

Our first encounter was with this gorgeous cart horse.

Lots of ducks in the first large pool we came across

while the sun was trying to emerge behind the clouds

dustings of snow on the path

we circled the lake and then turned left - we had this brook on our left

the water was frozen

and the reflections delightful

We continued on our way

 the sky was magnificent.

Across the brook, the sand martin wall which provides over 75 individual nesting compartments that mimic sand martins' natural nest sites.

We reached the hide and went inside. Parts of the lake were frozen

The ducks were there, avoiding the frozen parts.

We left the hide and

took this newly-created path

that runs alongside the other side of the lake.

Gorgeous winter colours

at the end of the path,

this magnificent, modernist farm house, the house of my dreams. I want this house.

We retraced our steps and walked along the main path

reached a smaller pool

and then, a skeleton

a parrot,

skull and crossbones,

a clue - cursed coin trail

an embossing press on top of this barrel

barrels and a cannon

 another clue - beware of pirates

a large tombstone rock covered in blood and wrapped with chains

barrels, a chest, a cannon

a cat, a rat

nets, baskets and fish

the prow of a ship

a mast

and when we reached the end of the path and turned around, the mystery was solved - The Cursed Coin Trail. What a wonderful activity to organise for kids.

Before heading back for home we stopped at the shop. On the nature table, some more surprises

rabbit skulls

robin's nests

the skulls of badgers

of doe deer

and of foxes.

What a wondrous place.

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