Monday 11 December 2017


Even though it was expected, snow still took us by surprise yesterday morning when we woke up to a white world.

This is the first proper snow we've had in years. It continued to snow all day yesterday without any interruptions.

So we wrapped up warm and walked towards Old Milverton. We came across these two in one of the playgrounds near the housing estate.

This is a particularly good example of a snowperson and I think it must have been adults who built it. It is definitely very sculptural.

Nearby, a whole family, two adults and four children.

Soon we reached the fields

where more snowpeople were to be found,

including a snowcat.

It was still snowing so the going was tough

Guys' Cliff House in the distance.

On the way back, in the school playing fields, a group of people were building an igloo

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