Friday 8 June 2018

A kitchen garden

During our visit to Packwood House last week, we visited their kitchen garden. Even though we've been to the house loads of time, this was our first visit to the kitchen garden. The blurb on the leaflet informed us that it's an 18th century garden with a contemporary twist. 

It's certainly unusual and absolutely gorgeous.

The first thing we came across were the iris, in full bloom

looking closer

It's a beautifully maintained garden, with lots of vegetables

but with lots of flowers too.

The teddy bears' picnic area for children

next to the 'pottering shed'

looking in

rows of cabbages

The dipping pond, used to water crops during the summer months.

In the winter the dipping pond is covered with this wooden lid in order to protect the brickwork in freezing conditions: it takes 8 people to roll it into position.


sweet peas

everything is neat and well looked after.

Lots of pots

including champagne flower pots

A very unusual, and pleasant kitchen garden.

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