Monday 4 June 2018

The kitchen project - 7

We are done! The kitchen is finally finished, fini, teleiose. It's been over two months, but now we are worker-free, everything has been put in its place and we can start enjoying our new kitchen and bathroom, and get on with our lives. Despite thorough cleaning, there is still quite a lot of dust all around the house, but this is going to take some time before it's cleared.

We wanted a clean, minimal feel to it, but it's hard - in the final analysis, living in it is more important than aesthetics, so we have done our best. A lot of things have been put away in the cupboards, but not enough. But, we are pleased with the result.

It's got a light, airy feel to it, and it's nothing as cluttered as our old kitchen was. Most importantly, it works for us.

The new chairs are extremely comfortable

I am pleased with these shelves

More shelves by/behind the door for the cookbooks and jars of beans, lentils, nuts and seeds.


  1. It is interesting how many kitchen designers ignore the fact that everyone needs their own layout, configuration, and combination of elements. I am pleased that you have yours - enjoy!