Saturday 16 June 2018

More ceramics at the Stratford Gallery

More ceramics at the Stratford Gallery.

Pierre Williams.   I have seen Williams' work before. I used to think they weren't my cup of tea, but I am not so sure now.

Pierre Williams. Seated male nude on 'I' plinth, (sculpted earthenware, gold lustre)

Seated Female Nude, (sculpted earthenware, gold lustre)

Seated Male Nude on Ninth (sculpted earthenware, gold lustre)

Two Pugilists Waiting for the Swifts, (sculpted earthenware, gold lustre)

Stephen Parry, large round pot, (wood fired, apple tree ash glaze)

Stephen Parry, large round jar, (wood fired stoneware, ash glaze)

James Hake

James Hake, facetted vase, (nuka glaze)

Peter Wills, tiny green porcelain bowls with impressed pattern

Emma Clegg, small celadon porcelain bowls with textured exterior

Mizuyo Yamashita, Mentori vase

Rhian Malin, large honeycomb fluted ginger jar, (porcelain)

Rhian Malin, small cobalt blue honeycomb facetted ginger jar

Emma Clegg, mantlepiece bud vase group with crackle glaze


  1. From the prices that are able to be seen in your photographs these works all seem to be very underpriced. Assuming the gallery takes 40 to 50%, as most do, these ceramicists are working for less than the minimum wage.

  2. The prices in the gallery are similar to any other gallery I have been to, Avril. I did think however that some of Pierre Williams' prices were low (not all, Seated Male Nude on the Ninth is £650 which I thought was quite a lot) and I thought that this might have something to do with the process of making them: can one pour liquid clay in a mould, for instance? So, it must be that this is what Williams is asking for. The rest of the ceramics' prices are spot on with any other gallery I have visited.