Friday 22 June 2018

Baddesley Clinton

We hadn't been to Baddesley Clinton for a while, so it was a real pleasure visiting last week.

We started by circling the house and the moat that surrounds it.

The house probably originated in the 13th century when large areas of the Forest of Arden were cleared for farmland.

This last one, is my favourite view of the house and the moat.

The house has extensive formal gardens and ponds and as always, this is what interests us - walking around the grounds.

We took this wooded path,

one of the small ponds.

We then walked on and reached the large pond

The water lilies were about the bloom

with the pond on our left we continued on our way

through this gate

and into the formal garden

where peonies were in full bloom

We talked to a couple who had come especially for the peonies

and who can blame them...

We then walked up a different lane

which leads to St Michael's church,

which shares much history with the house.

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