Wednesday, 3 June 2020

From park to park

I decided to walk around Victoria Park the other day, something I do not do very often, but I fancied a change.

The park is quite large, with skateboarding facilities, a good play area for kids, and a bowling green.

I took the path that runs parallel to the river

everything is so lush in this wonderful weather we have been having.

Lots of mature trees

I reached the bowling green, where the international Women's Bowls Tournament takes place every year - though not this year, alas

the iris are in full bloom

got to the bridge, and walked under the arch

This path, still along the river, leads to the Pump Room Gardens

Regency buildings on the other side of the river

I reached the bridge that will take my to the Pump Room Gardens

the view from the bridge

The Gardens with the band stand in the distance

Looking back at the bridge I just crossed

and I then walked along the path

that runs parallel to the river.

Lots of mature trees

The Pump Room Gardens have an expanse of green in the middle, where various events take place, including the Leamington Peace Festival in June, but unfortunately, the festival will not run this year

the paths surround the green

it's very pleasant here

Regency buildings on my left

and on my right, the spire of the parish church, and in front of it the Pump Rooms

one of the new borders that was established last year when the park had a make-over


and more

the newly-painted bandstand

I turned the corner into the path that runs alongside The Parade

and reached the side of the Pump Rooms

the library and art gallery next to them

I eventually got to the bridge, and had come full circle

more planting after I had crossed the bridge

finally, the path that would take me to Victoria Park, where I had started from.

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