Saturday 20 June 2020

Newbold Comyn - 2

For this walk we decided to explore a different part of Newbold Comyn and went straight to the woods.

It was a glorious, sunny, warm day, so the shade and coolness of the woods was very welcome.

The light filtering  through the foliage

very quiet except for the birdsong.

There is so much algae on this pond that it looks like grass

back in the woods, and we left the main path

it's much more dense here

After quite a while we arrived at Hay Meadow, which is vast

we walked on the edge of the meadow, with woodland on our right

it was good being out in the open after the enclosed space of the wood

Having got to the end of the meadow, we walked along this path

wildflowers on either side

We retraced our steps, back to Hay Meadow

Lots of buttercups at this time of year

Back through the woods, and then it was time to head back home.

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