Thursday, 25 June 2020

The Stratford Gallery - Spring 2020

The Stratford Gallery, spring 2020 exhibition.

Lockdown restrictions are being relaxed in England, but it's too early, the infection rate and deaths are still too high, and I think that the government is doing this for the wrong reasons. So, I have no intention of changing anything in my behaviour, not yet anyway, but I decided to make an exception with some galleries, as I have missed looking at art and ceramics, and felt that it would be as safe going to a gallery as going to the supermarket.

So, we went to Stratford last week and it was wonderful. We had a long walk by the river and then visited two galleries that exhibit ceramics. This one, featured a number of makers and I have taken photographs of some of the pieces I particularly liked.

Katherine Glenday:


Wash Cup

Tanya Gomez:

Ice grey table vessels, (porcelain)

Mitch Pilkington:

Large blush vessel (handworked stoneware)

Small grey vessel, (handworked stoneware)

Medium white vessel, (handworked stoneware)

Maki Imoto:

Bottle (handmade glass)

Bottle (handmade glass)

Margaret Curtis:


Lara Scobie:

Oval vase

Prussian blue vase (parian clay)

Tall oval vase

Lisa Hammond:

Tokkuri with two guinomi (soda fired stoneware)

Jessica Thorn:

Peter Wills:

Medium agate ware bowl

Large agate ware bowl

River grogged porcelain tea bowl

same bowl, different view

Small agate ware bowl

Sim Taylor:

Various, (anagama ford porcelain, natural ash glazing)

Kirstie Macrae:

Machete, (earthenware, slips, oxides, glazes)

Abstract, (earthenware, slips, oxides, glazes)

Guinomis by various makers:

James Hake:

Nuka bottle (stoneware)

and two paintings:

Kerry Harding, Quay Steps Again.

Kerry Harding, Chapel Valley.

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