Tuesday 9 June 2020

Newbold Comyn

Newbold Comyn is our preferred area for our walks at the moment. A few yards on this road,

and it's straight into this path.

Newbold Comyn is a nature reserve of over 100 acres of plantation, woodland, grassland, ponds, marsh and wetland, including 3 km of river.

The path leads to this meadow

which is surrounded by trees

and which leads to the river.

The path by the river is not very long,

and at times we have to abandon it due to fallen trees or pockets of deep mud

but, no worries, this second meadow compensates

back on the river path and we come across this interesting construction

looking closer. This intrigues us. It's at the back of the allotments and we wonder what it is.

BlackTeaOneSugar.co.uk says the sign. I googled it when we got home and it's a company specialising in bespoke furniture, joinery and outdoor spaces. Who would have known?

It's a beautiful part of the river

Another detour and we reach yet another meadow

this one, full of buttercups

at the end of which, is a path that leads to

the woods.

It's wonderful here

a lot of work is being carried out to keep the woods in a good condition

It's very quiet, except for birdsong

wildflowers on the edge of the path

We come to the end of the woods wich lead to Hay Meadow. This however, will have to wait for another time, another walk. We retrace our steps through the woods

but rather than following the river we take another route

Campion Hills in the distance

over this little bridge

it's glorious

and head back home.

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