Sunday 27 September 2020

Ancient Vibes in Contemporary Ceramics

Ancient Vibes in Contemporary Ceramics at Mon Coin Studio, Keramikos, Athens.

A new gallery space, a few steps away from the Keramikos Cemetery, home to Athens' famous pottery workshops, where all sorts of craftsmen exhibited and sold their work. That was 2,500 years ago.  Ancient Vibes in Contemporary Ceramics is the gallery's debut event.

35 artists and makers are participating in this exhibition, with works that tap into ancient ceramics and mythical narratives for inspiration, exploring how the 'echo' of ancient Greek art resonates in contemporary creations. The works reflect on classical antiquity, the Minoan civilisation, Cycladic art and the works of primitive communities.

As I write this, I realise that none of the above is reflected in the photographs I took, and consequently, I have not done justice to this exhibition: I concentrated on pieces I like and in the context of what is exhibited, it's a very narrow range. Oh well. Hindsight is a great thing.

Myrto Lykoppoulou:

 Ilias Christopoulos:

Katerina Latouri:

 Despina Xenaki:

Maru Melenou:

 YFI Ceramics:

 Theodora Tsikaroglou:

On the stairs:

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