Thursday 3 September 2020


Edem is a half hour walk from our apartment, and we walk there during the winter, but it's too hot in the summer so we usually take the bus.

It's one of our favourite places to eat, not because of the food, which is indifferent at best, but because we are sitting right on the edge of the sea, the views are fantastic, as are the sunsets.

In the evenings, we time our arrival to coincide with the sunset.

We sit here and watch the progress of the sun and as dusk sets in, at times, the sky looks amazing.

There are always lots of people swimming here - swimming as the sun sets is magical. This year I see that a disabled ramp has been installed, making it easier for people with disabilities to get into the water.

Exuberance, or what!

An X-shaped vapour trail in the sky


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