Wednesday 16 September 2020

EMST - the permanent collection - 2

Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens (EMST), the permanent collection continued

Lucas Samaras, Hebraic Embrace, 1991-2005 (wood, mirror, iron)

A glass and mirror construction, multi-faceted, very pleasing

Yorgos Lazongas, Blind Painting - Alekton 1 (What is not spoken), 1988 (spray paint on bedsheet - acrylic)

Katzourakis Michalis, Toile Blanche, 1976  (mixed media on canvas)

Katzourakis Michalis, Toile Blanche, 1976  (mixed media on canvas)

Rena Papaspyrou, Episodes in Matter, 1980, (Anodised aluminium)

Spencer Tunick, Portugal 2 (Santa Maria da Feira), 2003-2004, (colour c-print)

Costas Varotsos, Untitled, 1990-2019, (plasterboard, metal, glass)

Costas Varotsos works with glass. You can see more of his work  here and   here

Pantelis Xagorakis, Cubical Curve, 1987, (oil and pencil on oil cloth)

Xagorakis employs computers and his own software to enhance the design potential of his works, while in addition to printers and plotters he continues to use materials like oil and pencil.

Pantelis Xagorakis, [Drawing}, 1988

Carl Andre, Blue Equivalent (1 Header)/RS #1977-38 (hot rolled steel)

Yannis Michas, Composition A33, 1974, (lacquered wood)

Yannis Michas, Composition A+P 62, 1976 (lacquered wood)

Yannis Michas. Composition A90, 1978

Stephen Antonakos, Enter, 2020 (neon)

Yorgos Gyparakis, Nocturnal Landscape, 1998, (mirrors, metal, light)

Mona Hatoum, Fix It, 2004

Fix It
, is an in-situ installation created in 2004. The Palestinian-born Mona Hatoum visited Athens and collected old and rusty industrial fittings and fixtures from the old FIX brewery prior to its restoration as the EMST's permanent base. She set up a metal grid to form a fenced area in which electric bulbs switch on and off producing a buzz.

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