Sunday 15 August 2021

A wander around Plaka

Three Saturdays ago we went to Athens. Two purposes to the visit: first, to visit Mon Coin, both the shop and the studio. Secondly, to wander around Plaka, with the aim of ending up at Kuzina to have lunch.

Mon Coin, the shop is in Koukaki - post to follow.

We wandered around Koukaki, and came across this shaded, cool, round enclosure, just perfect for people to sit around. Just lovely.

We came across this graffiti from someone who obviously does not like the School of Social Sciences in Athens University: apparently it's a place that helps the army and the police to get jobs and consequently is a breeding ground for new fascism. A bit harsh, I thought. 

We soon reached the Acropolis Museum.

Makrigiani  Street is now pedestrianised and full of restaurants and bars

the Acropolis in front of us,

and the start of Dionysou Aeropagitou Street cool and leafy

We walked on towards Plaka, doing some window shopping

a neo-classical building that has escaped the developers

and another one.

Adrianou Street is very long and with the exception of a few detours, we walked the whole length of it

It was still early for lunch, but some people were already sitting here

This is the tourist area par excellence, but there are not many tourists in Athens yet, so it's relatively quiet

more tables set out for lunch

We had been walking for a while, and it was hot, so we decided to stop here for a drink

sitting under the mulberry trees - the best shade there is

it's a little green oasis

We had our drinks and then we started walking again,  past the ancient Agora

and then we entered Pandrossou Street - the shop awnings reach over this pedestrianised street, so it's always  nice and cool

and then we reached Monastiraki square

which was relatively empty.

There is always at least one fruit seller here - look at all those cherries! These grapes are very early, usually they hit the shops in mid-August

and then we were in the flea market

Avissinias Square is where all the stallholders exhibit their antique wares

a better view of the Acropolis

as we re-joined Adrianou Street

a small detour to visit Moin Coin, the studio,

and then it was time for lunch at Kuzina,

it's a Michelin recommended restaurant with reasonable prices - we pay the same here as everywhere else we go to, but the food is outstanding.

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