Thursday 19 August 2021

Mon Coin Studio

Mon Coin, the studio, Monastiraki, Athens.

This was my second visit to the studio. There is a vast number of exhibits. During both visits I found very little that personally interested me - this is not a criticism, some of the pieces are interesting,  just not the kind of ceramics I like and appreciate.

I did however, like these pebbles by Lena Englezou and thought they would look good on our front terrace. I asked the not so pleasant assistant how much they cost and she did not know. Two phone calls later she none the wiser. I gave up.

 Maria Marinoglou

Yannis Voyatzis

Maria Marinoglou

YFI Ceramics

Giorgiios Vavatsis

Akron Aoton

Ilias Christopoulos

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