Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Theorimata (On History) at EMST

Theotimata (On History) at EMST, (National Museum of Contemporary Art) in Athens.

A wonderful glimpse into Greek contemporary art. What I found particularly pleasing about this exhibition was the number of women artists featured.

This is a group show exploring the idea that the knowledge of the past aids our interpretation of the present and is a guide to the future. 

The exhibition consists mainly of installations as seems the case with a lot of contemporary art.

Erato Tagaridi, Asphyxia, 2016-2020, (metal tubes, rubber, textile)

looking closer

looking closer

Filippos Vasileiou, Another Thing, 2016-2020 (installation and performance)

Georgia Damopoulou, Reminder of Destruction - Loving Life, 2020, (resin, thread, copper tube)

Annita Arguroliopoulou, '46-'49, 2020, (mesh, metallic yarn)

Klitsa Antonious, No Photographs Should Be Taken Beyond This Point, 2020. (two metal signs, mechanical device, light, sound)

Giorgos Harvalias, Europa, Countries-Pillows, 1993, 1994 (printed blankets from Hellenic Navy)

Makis Faros-Zoi Pirini Collective, Gridfields, (metal, printing on translucent surface and plexiglass, 
electric motor, LED lights, sensors, sound)

Marios Spiliopoulos, from the 'War' Series

Nikos Papademitrious, Monument to Betrayed Heroes, 2020, (bronze cast, revolution flag, velvet hood, memorancum photocopies, plinths)

Dimitris Alithinos, Carpent Tua Poma Nepotes, 2010, (acrylic, canvas, fabric)

Angelos Antonopoulos, Confinement, 2017, (sculpture with sound)

Angelos Antonopoulos, Confinement, 2017

Pantelis Lazaridis, Spectators/Fragment 2020,  (mannequins, togas, clothing, shoes, metal cart, acrylic paints and varnishes)

Efsevia Mihalidou, Metabasis, 2020, (wire, paper, salt, ashes, coal and rope)

Yorgos Lazongas, From the series 'Columns', 2010 (drawing)

Evi Kirmadikou, You 3, 2020


Efi Fouriki, Transcriptions, 2019, (black and white photograph and video projection with sound)

Efi Venetsanou,  Overthrow, 2020, (installation)

Kostas Vrouvas, The Sound of the Gong, 2019, (iron, wood)

Eleni Lyra,  Rea's Children, 2019, (replicas of ancient Greek statues, plaster sculptures, contemporary children's clothes and construction trolley)

looking closer

Giorgos Tsakiris,  But, Why Should We Love Animals? 2020, (carpet, wood, iron, pumpkin)

Dimitris Skourogiannis,  The Phantom of the Blue Boy (after the work of Thomas Gainsborough), 2016, (fabric, threads, beads, foam, acrylic, wood, aluminium and porcelain statuettes)

Paris Chaviaras, Memory and History Form a Right Angle, 2020, (drawing, clay)

Yioula Hdjigeorgious, Promise, 2018, (bronze, thread, fabric)

Fotini Poulia, Till Death Comes, 2020, oil on wood - photographic installation

Thanassis Chondros - Alexandra Katsiani, How Do you Deal With It? 2021

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