Saturday 21 August 2021

Kolonaki snapshots and some pots too

All private galleries close for the month of August and for the first two weeks in September so this journey into Kolonaki was an attempt to catch up on what was being exhibited before the big shut down. We started with the Gagosian's new premises, this wonderful neo-classical building - posts to follow.

Opposite the Gagosian building a small park is situated, at the foot of Lycabettus Hill.

It's a welcome little green oasis in a residential area

Lots of steps everywhere as this is situated right at the foot of the hill

A small plateia (square) outside the park

and then we came across this intriguing building with its Grecian columns and modern additions

Right in the middle of Kolonaki now, but a part that I had not come across before.

Steps leading down as this is quite a steep area

We reached Haritos Street. The gallery I wanted to have a look at was closed 

but Indigo was open. Indigo sell clothes and ceramics - an odd combination but it works. I have purchased quite a few pieces from here in the past, pieces for every day use.

The Sifnos ceramics

I have not come across the fish design before.

But, pieces from other makers as well

I quite liked these white bowls with the bugs 

a classic Greek design

We moved on

a wonderful neo-classical building

a different view of the above building - I also like the blue one next to it

Kolonaki square

lots of trendy bars and restaurants here

In all, we visited six private galleries that day. It sounds a lot, I know, but they are small and looking around them does not take long.


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