Sunday 3 April 2011

Cardiff Bay

It was a bleak, damp and windy day when we went to Cardiff  Bay and we were constantly aware of how lovely it would have been on a hot, sunny day. It is an impressive development and despite the weather we enjoyed our few hours there.

The Millenium Centre, a great performing arts venue

Y Senned, the modernist building housing the Welsh Assembly

The Norwegian Church which was built in the 1860s as a 'home away from home' for Norwegian sailors. Today it is an arts centre, one of many to be found in Cardiff. When asked in a survey how they felt about culture in their city, the inhabitants of Cardiff said they were very pleased with what was on offer. It is not surprising. I have never come across so many arts centres in a city, and as for the museum.... I wish we'd had more time to explore the city more fully.

We wanted to take a boat around the bay but it was raining and they were not running.

So instead we went in search of colour which we found in 'Craft in the Bay'

aren't the colours of these pots amazing?

 They are made by Sara Moorhouse.

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  1. I love the bottom navy and orange pot. Were they expensive?