Tuesday 5 April 2011

Cardiff Museum - 2

A whole room is devoted to Agustus John drawings and watercolours

Secrets of Amour, Augustus John

Dorelia in Eastern Dress, Augustus John

The Japanese Doll, Gwen John.

In the corner of the next room are five paintings by Gwen John. During all the time we were there, this was the busiest corner in the Museum.

Girl in a Blue Dress, Gwen John

The Little Interior, Gwen John

A Corner of the Artist's room, Gwen John

Girl in Profile, Gwen John

Girl in a Green Dress, Gwen John

Mere Poussain Seated at a Table, Gwen John

Day Leaving, Sean Scully

A reconstructed thing, Lois Willliams  (made out of one thread of spun and intertwined wool)

Oval Sculpture, Barbara Hepworth

Edward De Waal

Vessel, Shozo Michikawa

and another view

Gordon Baldwin

and another view.

A new wing full of contemporary art will open shortly. It will certainly be worth a visit.

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  1. All sounds good. I think Colin's family gave their Gwen John letters to the Cardiff museum. Shame his sister inherited the GJ painting.