Thursday 14 April 2011

No cuts

Someone  was telling me today about a friend of hers who is blind and deaf. She used to go to a centre  where she would meet people and have a chat and where she had access to facilities that met her special needs. One of these facilities was a computer specially tailored to her situation so she was able to email friends and acquaintances.

The centre has been closed due to the cutbacks.

The centre did not just provide a gateway to the outside world for her, but it also gave her respite from a difficult home situation.

She has lost both of these vital aspects in her life and this means enforced isolation.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister says he wants us to be happy!

The cutbacks and the proposed changes to the NHS might not affect life threatening conditions like heart disease, but they will affect provision for disabled people, for people with learning disabilities, the long term ill who need specialist care, and the elderly. Vital services that are essential to our lives will be cut. They will make a big difference to the way we live.

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