Monday 4 April 2011

Cardiff Museum

Cardiff Museum is an amazing place. It has one of the finest art collections in Europe, and the largest collection of Impressionist paintings out of Paris -  a real treasure trove.

The Davis sisters who were avid collectors of Impressionist paintings and who had a real penchant for Rodin, bequeathed their collection to the Museum and what a delight it was to see it all.

 Water lillies, Claude  Monet

More water lillies

and more

Rain: Auvers, Vincent Van Gogh

La Parisienne, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Woman and Child in a Meadow at Bougival, Berthe Morisot

Rouen Cathedral:setting sun, Claude Monet

 Dancer, Edgar Degas

Eve, Auguste Rodin

The Kiss, Auguste Rodin

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  1. What fun! Photography has really changed the way we appreciate art - now you don't have to go to museums, but can enjoy a masterpiece in your own home or office: it is a great thing.