Saturday 16 April 2011

Saxon Mill

We are very lucky to live near the Saxon Mill. Half an hour's walk across the fields and we are there.
Today however we decided to drive and  have lunch. It was a warm day but overcast and the restaurant was packed.

We were lucky enough to get a table

we had a delicious lunch and admired the view

and this moorhen nesting

then on to the bridge and the weir

the view is stunning and in the distance the ruins of Guy's Cliff  House

and a closer look

if you turn around and look in the water you can see amazing reflections: a mixture of the reflected trees, the water lillies and the floating blossom

the sky was quite overcast by then and looked quite dramatic as it was reflected in the water.

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  1. that lovely pub looks familiar....xixi!!!!!! i want pizza with caramel onions now........ ohhhhhhhh