Friday 24 May 2013

Ryton Woods

It's the bluebell time of year again, and what a delight!

I missed them last year as we were in New York, and I missed them the year before, but I have made up for it this year - this was my fourth walk in the woods.

A beautiful sunny day, but the light plays tricks with you sometimes and everything can look dark

I love walking in the woods at any time of year, there is something magical about them

but when the ground is covered with a carpet of blue, it is something else....

looking closer

and again

It's quite a long walk, the bluebell walk, it takes me two hours

all the more to enjoy the beauty of it all

I get lost in my own thoughts

and I love the paths that snake up

as for the scent .... it is heavenly

Now I have reached the top of the slight uphill climb, and the huge clearing is a mass of blue with bits of white

I can never manage to capture the solidity and mass of the blue with my camera

I love the way the light filters through the trees

Here is another photograph of the clearing.



  1. Try using the "shadows" button in will intensify the blue to a hue nearer the real thing. Lovely wood.

    1. Thanks Avril. I did try that but everything got darker rather than just the blue. It is the mass and density that is hard to achieve, rather than the hue of the colour. It's just not the same in photographs as the real thing. It's the intensity of the experience that is impossible to photograph.