Monday 13 May 2013

St George's Hall

St George's Hall  on Lime Street, opposite Lime Street Station, a building in Neoclassical style, containing concert halls and law courts. It was designed by Harvey Lonsdale Elmes and opened its doors to the public in 1854

We went down to the basements

to have a look at the old holding cells.

Photographs of some of the people who were held here

The corridor with the whipping chair

Wax works representation of what it was like

A whipping chair

The condemned cell

The main hall viewed from the gallery.


  1. Stop please. your making me homesick. as i have visited the Walker since i was a small boy,can't wait to see whats new there

    1. Ahhh! You obviously have very fond memories. I hope you manage to visit soon.

      I loved Liverpool. It's a city that is beautiful and has a lot to offer.

      Thanks for your comment.