Wednesday 29 May 2013

Summer exhibition

Summer Exhibition at The Gallery Upstairs, Henley-in-Arden.

Black and White Stepped-Rim Pot, John Ward, (stoneware)

To Truly Soar One must first Unfurl, Marie Boyle, (aluminium resin)

Wide Bronzed Stoneware Vessel, Jason Wason

Wide Bronzed Stoneware Vessel, Jason Wason

Who Dares Wins, Marie Boyle (bronze resin)

one more image

Turning Towards, Small Blue, Jon Middlemiss

from a different angle

Head, Peter Hayes (ceramic)

Raku Keyhole Bow, Peter Hayes, (ceramic)

Cartwheel, Alison Bell (bronze)

Icarus, John Milne (cold cast aluminium), 1967

John Milne was a sculptor associated with the St Ives group. His house and studio were next door to Barbara Hepworth's. His work belongs to the neo-classical style of Modernism. His later work was influenced by the landscape and architecture of Greece, Persia and North Africa.

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