Wednesday 8 May 2013

The Three Graces

The Pier Head, on the site of the former George's Dock in Liverpool encompasses three landmarks which are referred to as The Three Graces. The three buildings dominate the skyline of the city and have earned the waterfront international recognition in the form of Unesco World Heritage Site status.

They are the first three buildings on the left in this photograph which was taken from the Mersey ferry.

This photograph taken from the pier

The Royal Liver Building was completed in 1911 and was designed by Walter Aubrey Thomas. The two clock towers are crowned by mythical liver birds.

A mix of Baroque, Art Nouveau and Byzantine styles

The copper liver birds were designed by George Cowper.  One faces outwards to the river and the other inwards to the city and they rise to 18 feet. Legend has it that should they leave their perch, the city will fall.

The Cunnard Building, built in 1916. Its simple outline owes much to the grand Italian palazzos lining the Venetian waterfront and was designed by Willink and Thicknesse.

The Port of Liverpool Building was designed by Arnold Thornley and F.B. Hobbs in an Edwardian Baroque style, and was completed in 1907. The building is clad in Portland stone and is noted for the large dome that sits atop it, acting as the focal point. It is approximately rectangular in shape with canted corners that are topped with stone cupolas.

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