Monday 3 June 2013

Coughton Court

On a bright, sunny day we went to Coughton Court

home to a Catholic family who were persecuted following Henry VIII's Reformation.

The gardens are spectacular.

Lots of aliums at this time of year

looking closer.

We started in the walled garden

that has views of the lake

The wisteria trees look fantastic

looking closer

the scent was heavenly

the peonies at the base of the wisteria are just coming out

We then walked along the path by the stream which is full of wild garlic

and entered the bog garden

lots of plants with interesting foliage here

different shades of green

we then walked by the lake

a coot with its baby

On the way to the woods I came across this beauty - butterflies are so rare these days!

The woods were very peaceful - I did not come across a single person while I walked there

The bluebells are over - just the odd bloom here and there

I love the way sunlight filters through the trees

This is ancient woodland. They reckon that this is a surviving area of the ancient Forest of Arden, which Shakespeare used for 'As You Like It'.

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