Wednesday 26 June 2013


Skuespilhus, the Royal Danish Playhouse, situated on the harbour front in the Frederiksstaden neighbourhood, designed by Lundgaard and Tranberg.

It is built in a long, slim, deep-brown brick that was specially developed for the project. The exterior is dominated by a continuous glass-encased top story with offices and back-stage facilities for the actors.

Above the glass band is the dark copper-clad cube of the scene tower. The glazed foyer facing the water runs along the entire length of the building, affording panoramic views of the harbour and contains a cafe and restaurant. With about 40% of the building projecting over the water, the waterfront promenade pivots around the playhouse, diverting pedestrians onto a raised 150 metre long walkway layered with rustic oak plants placed on Venetian crooked columns creating a floating effect.

The restaurant was closed when we visited as they were preparing for a massive banquet,

but we were able to appreciate the amazing ceiling lights, the effect being like masses of falling stars

one more photograph.

Amazing reflections

I took the photograph when I was inside the restaurant, and even though it looks like the woman is standing next to the set tables, the tables are inside while she is outside. And what about that double figure in the distance?

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