Saturday 29 June 2013

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel


In a low-rise city like Copenhagen, this is a building that really stands out. At its completion in 1960, the hotel was the largest in Denmark, at 69.60 metres in height, the first skyscraper in Copenhagen and at the same time the tallest building in Denmark. It is located in the Vestebro district, close to Tivoli gardens and the central station. It was designed by Arne Jacobsen for the airline Scvandinavian Airlines System (SAS) but is now a hotel.

The building was inspired by Lever House in New York and its sense of lightness emanates from its Lever House-inspired form with a two-story base supporting its lofty 'punch card' tower. The reinforced concrete frame structure erected in the tower has a curtain wall of aluminium and transparent green and gray anodized glass.

The entire hotel, from the exterior facade through to the stainless-steel cutlery used in the restaurant, and the Swan and Egg chairs gracing the lobby was designed by Jacobsen.

Shades of green dominate the entire design. Jacobsen pursued a 'modern garden' theme, implementing this theme by using green textiles and furniture, combined with organic shapes and rigid geometric forms.

The building was not well-received at first: it was called a 'glass cigarbox', and the 'worst copy of Lever House'. To this Jacobsen responded: 'at least, it came in first when they held a competition for the ugliest building in Copenhagen'.

The lift doors.

Most of his work in the rooms has been replaced by corporate standard fabrics and furniture. Only a single room has been kept in the original design, Room 606, which is still available for booking.

The lobby however is still intact, exactly as he designed it

and it is magnificent.

I love the clock which is above the main entrance

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