Saturday 1 June 2013

The terrorism of the state

For those who want too understand what is happening right now in Istanbul with #direngeziparkı #occupygezi

This placard sums up what has been going on in Istanbul this week.

Concerned about the increasing urban development that Erdogan's government is implementing which mainly consists of building a growing number of shopping malls, without any public consultation, protesters peacefully occupied Taksim square: there were barbecues, yoga classes and a generally festive atmosphere, until police moved in, using tear gas and water canon.

What started as a peaceful protest against the way public spaces are being used in Istanbul turned into a nightmare. Protesters have been pointing to the fact that Gezi Park is the only green space that has been left in the city. There is also widespread concern over the building of new mosques and the emphasis the government is putting on Turkey's Islamic past over its Byzantine and Roman legacies.

Taksim square, Istanbul

Istanbul, right now...

A stunning dawn for democracy in Istanbul. Thousands marching over the Bosphorus Bridge. From continent to continent.

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The pictures speak for themselves:
Photo: Τaksim square, Istanbul 

Photo: “The pigs, the pigs,” said Esra Yurtnac, who was crying as she sought refuge in a bakery after being gassed. “All they know is how to use gas.”

She added, “They think they can silence us with force, but they won’t.” 


The terrorism of the state is inceasingly becoming more ruthless across the world, where any form of political dissent is now a crime, to be quashed by any means that the state has in its power.

 And here is a photograph that was just sent to me: soldiers giving protesters masks to protect themselves from the teargas. Are there dents in Erdogan's repressive regime?

one more.

Sources: I have downloaded the majority of these amazing photographs from Facebook.  I do not know the source, but would have liked to have credited them.

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