Thursday 20 June 2013

Walking around Copenhagen

We came back from Copenhagen a few days ago having  spent a wonderful week there. The city is beautiful with a mixture of architecture, both old and new, great outdoor life when the weather is good, stylish shops and a general feeling of calm and sophistication.

A lot of sandstone type terraces like this with red slate roofs

and one more - very majestic

imaginative use of colour for the buildings - in this case, ochre

the Meat Packing district by the Oksnehallen, the area where our hotel was

the Meat Packing district again

Red brick is used a lot as well, quite often quite ornate - and bikes, everywhere

Kultovert square - we sat here a lot, as we somehow kept ending up here

Kultovert again

and its amazing fountain

still here

around the University area

cobbles in the Krystalgade

black and white - so many architectural styles all sitting together in harmony

another quiet street in the University area

distressed red


and bikes everywhere.

A very disabled-friendly city: these metal lines and dots point the way

a strong Medieval feel to the city in parts

many churches, even though I was told by a Copenhagian that the Danes are merely 'cultural' Christians

the Stroget, the longest and first pedestrianised shopping street in Europe


rounded yellow

another church

the Stroget again

still there

the House of Souls - what an amazing name for a restaurant!

Very grand

I love that green roof, and as for the spire....

another green roof

a lot of corner buildings

the Architecture Centre

I love this building and its wonderful multi-layered, red roof

Larsbiornsstraede, a street full of vintage shops

one of the many squares

lots of outdoor cafes everywhere

Att Nouveau

getting closer

Bertel Thorvaldsens Plads

opposite the station next to the Tivoli Gardens

a (clock?) tower on top of a building near the station.


  1. Great views of the city. More please...and Christiania if you can remember it


    1. Hahaha! I have no photographs of Christiania as photography was not allowed, but I remember every single minute! There will be a post at some stage though.

      I'm glad you liked the photographs.