Saturday 27 July 2013

Edvard Weie

There were several paintings by Edvard Weie in the Statens Museum for Kunst, a new painter for me.
The ambition behind his compositions was to create' a new Romantic vein of art, capable of depicting the drama of life with true grandeur'. Guided by Romantic music, this new art was to be shaped by harmonies and sounds, thereby liberating itself from the solidity of old naturalism and moving towards the supernatural instead. The objective was to regain a spiritual dimension borne by emotion, 'the return of poetry' within painting.

The Mail Boat Arriving, Christanso, 1920

Still Life with Oranges, 1922

Standing Female Nude, 1923

Two Genii. Sketch. 1922

A Forest Road

Faun and Nymph, 1940-41

Weie drew inspiration from Cezanne's The Abduction for this painting. This picture marks the culmination of Weie's ambition to compose a picture consisting entirely of pure harmonies of colour that could transform matter into spirit.

Landscape for Christianso, 1914

Mindet. Christianso. 1912.

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